Battered And Southern Fried Tender Fillets. ?‍?⁠

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Battered and southern fried tender fillets. ?‍?⁠
⁠Choose 250g Flame Grilled Tender Fillets of your choice. We like the BBQ flavour for this one ?⁠

?For the coating/ “egg” mixture:⁠
4tbsp gram flour⁠
200ml plant milk eg @olaokja⁠
1tsp cider vinegar⁠
1/2tsp sriracha⁠

? For the spiced flour:⁠
300g plain white flour⁠
3tbsp cornflour⁠
2tsp fine sea salt⁠
2tsp old bay seasoning⁠
1/2tsp ground black pepper⁠

Thaw your 250g Flame Grilled Tender Fillets. In one medium bowl, combine the gram flour, plant milk, cider vinegar and sriracha. This is your egg mixture.⁠

In another medium bowl, combine all the spiced flour mixture ingredients.⁠

Heat up oil in a medium pan (preferably with high sides) or turn on a deep fat fryer. Bring the oil to 170C. Dunk the pieces in the flour first and then into the egg mixture and then back into the flour, carefully. Place carefully in the hot oil.⁠

Fry the for 2-4 minutes or until golden brown. Using a spider or a slotted spoon, remove and place on a few pieces of paper towel to drain.⁠

Serve while hot ?⁠

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