*Baked Noodles Tortilla Wraps – 3 Ways*

*baked noodles tortilla wraps 3 ways* display image  8ffd71af
*baked noodles tortilla wraps 3 ways* display image 8ffd71af

*Baked Noodles Tortilla Wraps – 3 ways*

This is an absolutely guilt-free recipe that I made in three delectable flavours – Beetroot, maize and spinach.

The ingredients for the wrap are:

?1/2 cup makke ka atta or maize flour
?1 cup plain atta or whole wheat flour
?2 tsp salt
?1 tsp chilli flakes
?1/4 cup spinach, blanched and puréed
?1/4 Beetroot, blanched and puréed
?Water for kneading.

Divide the dough into 3 parts and add spinach purée to one, Beetroot purée to the other and the third one will have the original flavour. Knead each into a smooth but stiff dough with water.

Roll out into tortilla sheets and bake them at 200*C for 15 minutes, then change the side and cook for another 15 minutes.

For the noodles:

?1 onion, sliced
?1/2 capsicum, sliced
?1 carrot, sliced
?1 Maggi taste maker
?1 tsp salt
?1/2 tsp red chilli powder
?1 tsp turmeric or haldi
?1 cup gluten-free chickpea noodles

I firstly boiled the noodles with 1 cup water and to the same added all the veggies, salt, red chilli powder and haldi. Garnished with the Maggi masala and our spicy noodles filling it ready!

Fill the tortillas with the noodles and wrap them up. Enjoy these healthy noodles tortilla wraps with ketchup and mint chutney.

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