✨As A Child, I Used To Only Eat Chocolates And No Other Sw

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✨As a child, I used to only eat chocolates and no other sweets as I always found Indian sweets super sugary. Indian sweets are in general based off of a lot of dairy and a lot of refined sugar, and they taste good, I agree. But I always wondered how they would taste if I take away a bit of the sugar and base the flavor mostly on the main ingredients: the nuts, and the spices. Let me tell you, I was taken aback. The flavor profile of these sweets just exploded in my mouth without the overpowering sugariness that I always detested.
✨So here I am on a journey to make Indian sweets less sugary, flavor-centered and healthier in general so we don’t experience a sugar crash and feel fuller for longer.
✨So I mainly focus on the ingredients I show in the photos: nuts and some dried fruit, coconut milk (because it gives a rich flavor, but I will experiment with other types of milk as well), SPICES: mainly cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and unrefined sweeteners like dates, brown sugar, coconut sugar, maple syrup etc. The spices, I believe is what carries every Indian recipe, sweets included. It’s like magic.
✨So get your hands on some nice Indian spices and let’s make this 🪔Diwali🪔 healthier and tastier! Also decadent because let’s face it, life’s no fun without some indulgence 😉