Are You #TeamPancakes 🥞or #TeamWaffles🧇

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Are you #TeamPancakes 🥞or #TeamWaffles🧇?

Nothing better than a fresh stack of homemade pancakes to start the crazy full-on week ahead. Whether you’re craving pancakes or waffles, the pre-made mix from @creativenature will satisfy both of your preferences. It could not get any easier for simple, fast and fluffy pancakes – just add 2 ingredients (🥚🥛, or plant based milk & apple cider vinegar for a vegan option) to the batter, thoroughly mix and you’re ready to cook them in the pan!

I loved the lusciously light and fluffy texture which had a subtle sweetness, it was delicious! I topped mine with spoonfuls of greek yoghurt, layered with berries and bananas, and drizzled with a dash of maple syrup. 😋

I mean, how could you say no to pancakes? What are your favourite toppings? Let me know!

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