Another Pasta Post Cus Why Not🤪 As Always My Go-to Pasta

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another pasta post cus why not🤪 as always my go-to pasta is @chickapeapasta cus they’re literally made of two ingredients : chickpeas and lentils (which i’m all for clean ingredients). this time i tried a HUMMUS PASTA (recipe below) and it was perfectionnnnnn!!! this was the right was to end the day after being outside in the sun all morning. comment down below your favourite pasta sauce, i always want to try new and creative ones!!

-pasta of choice
-hummus (mine is homemade)
-veggies of choice (i used spinach, mushrooms and red bell peppers)
-red onion

1.drizzle 1 tsp olive oil in your pan and toss the onions in. let it become fragrant and translucent
2.boil your pasta and drain (tip: dont throw out the pasta water, were going to use it later😜)
3.add in your peppers and mushrooms and let it cook until they become soft add in spinach and stir for 1-2 minutes (until it slightly wilts)
5.pour in your hummus (i used about 3 tablespoons) and slowly add some pasta water to the mix until it thins out
6.add your pasta and voilaaaaa