And Finally My Last Favorite Way To Make Mushrooms…

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And finally my last favorite way to make mushrooms…

#3 l̸e̸t̸t̸u̸c̸e̸ (Cabbage) Wraps 🤣

Can anyone else relate?? When you ask your husband to pick up lettuce from the store, you get cabbage instead😩•

but it did taste really good still😋

S/o to @_luxebylake … here goes a quick recipe for Bella Mushrooms

-1 box of Bella mushrooms (75% diced fine and a handful of sliced)
-handful chopped garlic
-handful chopped parsley
-handful chopped onions
-handful tomatoes
-handful of green onions
-creole seasoning
-ground pepper
-garlic powder

-3/4 cups of soy sauce
-3 squirts of mustard
-3 squirts of sriracha
-2 pinches of brown sugar
-green onions
-chopped garlic
-2 caps of vinegar
-2 tablespoons of water

– place all ingredients and sauce in a bowl and stir together
-add 3 caps of avocado oil to frying pan on med heat and some chopped onions. Cook until caramelized
-add ingredients to frying pan
-cook for 15 mins
-make an additional sauce on side to add to top for lettuce wraps
-add to lettuce wraps


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