??Amazing 21-Day Smoothie Diet

amazing day smoothie diet multip img bd
amazing day smoothie diet multip img bd

??Amazing 21-Day smoothie diet
lost 15.6 lbs (Over 6 kg!) ?? and is looking incredible!

21-Day Smoothie Diet plan is what I and thousands of you are using to lose an average of 8-16 lbs (4-7kg) in 21days ??

This plan basically works by replacing 2 meals per day with green smoothie diet recipes + having healthy snacks and a light meal daily! ?

I’ve put all of the exact recipes you will need ?plus shopping lists?full 21 days step-by-step guide? plus hints and tips? together into an eBook plan, which you can download from my website ?? @thesmoothiediet7

P.s: Don’t worry, my plan is super easy to follow! Even for complete beginners ??You’ll just need a blender, the ingredients I’ve listed in the eBook shopping list (all ingredients available from regular stores) and then to follow the Step-by-Step guide I’ve written for you! ?
You can download the eBook from the link in my bio⬆️? @thesmoothiediet7

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