All Your Lip Care Needs: MET 🥰

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All your lip care needs: MET 🥰

LIP BALM is a basic need for everyone to maintain hydrated + healthy 👄 lips—but there’s nothing basic about these. Packed with skin loving ingredients like 🥥 coconut + almond oils, they are the most nourishing balm EVA!

And if those don’t leave you wanting more, the LIP TREATMENT is your next I-can’t-live-without-this product. Made with 🌻 sunflower oil, vitamin E + Shea butter—this is the perfect marriage of a balm + a gloss.

Let’s not forget my absolute FAVE, The KVoss™NYC Gloss. Let’s just say they need to come up with a word bigger than obsessed. It’s so creamy and melts into the delicate lip layer softening + hydrating with a subtle sexy sheen.

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