A Simple And Nutritious Recipe I Made Today Using An Ancient

a simple and nutritious recipe i made today using an ancient display image ceba
a simple and nutritious recipe i made today using an ancient display image ceba

A simple and nutritious recipe I made today using an ancient legume from the South American Andes called ‘chocho’.

Chocho is a white bean that was part of the ancient Andean diet and they are a staple part of the Ecuadorian and Peruvian diet today. They can be eaten as a snack or added to soups, stews and ceviches ?

Chocho is a dense white bean that is rich in protein, omega 3s, high in fibre, and contains lots of vitamins and minerals. It is a #glutenfree #wholegrain and is considered to be a #superfood.

The most important and time consuming part of this recipe is soaking the beans and making sure they are not bitter! Other than that it is really simple and delicious to put together ?


⭐️ Chocho beans
⭐️ 4 limes
⭐️ 4 oranges
⭐️ 1 red onion
⭐️ 2 vine tomatoes
⭐️ Extra virgin olive oil
⭐️ Coriander
⭐️ 2 ripe avocados
⭐️ Chilli flakes
⭐️ Sea salt


1. Soak the beans for 5 days until the bitterness has gone. Make sure you change the water every day.

2. Once beans have been soaked, drain the water from the beans and rinse them thoroughly with cold water.

3. Boil the beans for 1 – 1.5 hours on medium heat. Remove the beans and drain the water. Let the beans cool down.

4. Transfer the beans to a pan or large bowl, add fresh cold water and soak again for 5 days. Change the water 2 – 3 times every day until the bitterness of the beans has gone.

5. After 5 days, drain the beans and transfer to a large mixing bowl.

6. Chop the tomatoes, onions, avocados and tomatoes.

7. Juice the oranges and limes.

8. Add all the ingredients, juice of the limes and oranges to the bowl with the white beans and drizzle over the olive oil.

9. Mix all the ingredients together gently. Season with with sea salt and chilli flakes and enjoy ?

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