A Reminder That Oat Milk Is Not Healthy.

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a reminder that oat milk is not healthy.

sure, it doesn’t have sugar, dairy, or gluten, but it has canola oil! rapeseed oil is canola oil.

be informed, and please always read your ingredient label. rapeseed oil was originally used as motor lubricant. it is by no means a healthy fat, but a fat with negative health effects. it’s a polyunsaturated fat that is highly prone to oxidization.

these fats create your cell membranes, and you do not want them created with oxidized, damaged fats. you can burn through sugar, but these fats become you. you can’t burn through them, like you can sugar.

the consumption of these damaged fats can lead to memory issues, your inability to learn new things, and can cause inflammation, affecting your digestion, skin, and inhibiting weight loss. nope, i’m going to pass!

there is a version of oatly and other oat milks that don’t contain rapeseed oil, so just be sure to check ingredients. however given that oats are typically sprayed with glyphosate and also contain anti-nutrients, opt instead for a gum-free coconut milk or raw milk.

tag someone who needs to skip this in their latte this morning!
amanda xo. 😘

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