A Feast That’s Sure To “maki” You Hungry ? {ad – Pr

a feast thats sure to maki you hungry  {ad pr display image  99ec29a7
a feast thats sure to maki you hungry {ad pr display image 99ec29a7

A feast that’s sure to “maki” you hungry ? {ad – press sample}⁣

There’s a new player on the vegan sushi scene. Meet @letsdotemaki ? This is definitely some of the most creative, flavoursome vegan sushi I’ve had ? ⁣

I like that they’ve added their own twist to Japanese sushi – It’s great to have some enticing vegan options. Avocado & cucumber, I love you but let’s push the boat out a bit ?? ⁣

? Satay tempeh sushi burrito⁣
? £7.50⁣
?Lovely flavours and the texture of the tempeh works really well⁣
??‍♀️ Order again? Yes⁣
? Fave dish⁣⁣

? Katsu chick’n sushi burrito ⁣
? £7.50⁣
?Another great roll – this has a nice bite to it. Good flavour throughout but I dunked in extra Katsu sauce and it was even more beautiful⁣
??‍♀️ Order again? Yes⁣
? Fave dish⁣⁣

? Assorted temakis (chickpea tofu, hoisin jackfruit, b-limey tuna) ⁣
? £10⁣
?Love these. Everything was so fresh! The tuna actually did remind me of tuna mayo but all were tasty. Not as much flavour as the burritos but still tasty⁣
??‍♀️ Order again? Yes (the tuna was my fave)⁣

? Harusame salad, with rice noodle and Goma dressing ⁣
? £4.50⁣
?I liked the idea of this and the textures were great but I wanted more flavour⁣
??‍♀️ Order again? No⁣

? Inari pockets with mushroom and sesame shoyu dressing ⁣
? £4.50⁣
?These were deliciously sweet and fresh. Some of the better inari I’ve had! ⁣
??‍♀️ Order again? Yes⁣
? Fave dish⁣⁣

?Location: Battersea⁣⁣⁣⁣
? Delivery: ⁣⁣Within two miles radius. They also do home deliveries in London within M25 one day a week, order via DM⁣
??‍? Order: @deliveroo ⁣⁣⁣⁣
? Cuisine: Sushi (the team aren’t Japanese but they do get some of their ingredients from Japanese suppliers)⁣
?GF Options: Yes⁣
?100% Vegan Vendor: Yes⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣
?Leftovers: Yes, we saved some to eat today⁣⁣⁣⁣
?Sustainability: ⁣⁣They use paper wraps for burritos and bamboo cones for temakis, cutlery is wooden. Delivery packaging is compostable⁣
?Diversity policy: See comments⁣
♥️Charity: For this campaign, I donated to Young Leaders Fund, created by @madeupkitchen & @concordeyouth. More info in my DONATE story highlight

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