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РЕЦЕПТ НА РУССКОМ листайте вправо ➡️
Sorry for quite late recipy but it’s something! It’s the winner of the previous week – RED CABBAGE APPLE SOUP WITH CASEW CREAM – vegan, glutenfree and so delicious recipe even so simple.
It’s tasty when it’s cold also😋
For the cashew cream:

This raw fermented cashew dressing cream only needs 3 ingredients:
* 150 gram of pre watered cashew
* 50-70 gram of water
* 1/2 capsule of probiotic
1. Blended together till the soft creamy texture and keep about 11 hours in warm place for the fermentation process. You can see the process in my saved stories.
This is the basic method of the cashew cream cheese and sauce you can use for many interesting recipes 😋

Then if you want more flavor on top of that you can add pinch of rose salt, lemon juice, fennel greens, garlic, syrup for the sweet dressings or your personal favorites👌
* 400 gr red cabbage
* 300 gr of Vegetarian stock or water
* 1 big onion
* 1 sweet apple
* zest and juice of 1/2 lemon
* Salt and paper
* 0,5 tsp of coconut sugar
* Parsley for decoration
* Olive oil
1. Dice onion, apple and red cabbage.
2. Preheat a pot over medium heat. Add olive oil to the pot.
3. Add diced onion to the pot and saute 2-3 min until transparent.
4. Add apples and cabbage and saute for a couple of minutes.
5. Add sugar and hot vegetable stock keep boiling. 
6. Add salt, pepper and stir well. 
7. Simmer for a 12-15 minutes with low heat.
8. Take soup off heat and taste – add lemon juice add more salt if needed.
9. Serve with love ❤️ fresh parsley, lemon zest and cashew cream 😋

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