4 Ingredient Reese Style Cups! ??⁣

ingredient reese style cups display image abe
ingredient reese style cups display image abe

4 Ingredient Reese Style Cups! ??⁣

Your new favorite choc themed snack! ⁣

Smooth thick peanut butter filling all encased in a rich white/dark choc shell, the cups have that classic Reese taste and can be made in 30 minutes – perfect for when you want a tasty peanut butter bite. ? ⁣

Let’s get baking. ??‍? ⤵️⁣

200g dark choc (or chocolate of choice), melted ⁣
200g free from white choc, melted ⁣
50g smooth peanut butter ⁣
40g icing sugar ⁣
20g dairy free spread ⁣
6 cupcake cases ⁣

1. Spoon 100g of the melted white and dark chocolate into the cases and place in the fridge for 15 minutes. ⁣
2. Mix together the icing sugar, peanut butter and spread until well combined. ⁣
3. Add 2tsp of the PB mix onto the center of the chilled chocolate cups, repeat until you’ve filled each one. ⁣
4. Pour over the remaining melted choc, ensuring the PB is evenly covered and transfer back to the fridge for 20 minutes.⁣
5. Once set, carefully remove from the cases and….⁣

Enjoy to your hearts content! ?⁣

These are best served straight from the fridge or pop one on a bowl of porridge to level up your oats. ?⁣

If you remake the cups, tag me in your recreations with #asliceofsunshine ??⁣

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