We Ordered Again From Pizzeria Du And I Just Can’t Tell Yo

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We ordered again from Pizzeria Du and I just can’t tell you how happy it made me ☺️❤️

I have never had better pizza in Toronto, or in my life for that matter. 💯 The whole menu is completely plant-based and really affordable, especially considering the cost of pizzas at other artisanal shops. 🌱 Its also open pretty late during Covid (up until 9:30PM) when most places are closed well before 9PM. 🕰

This is the Romana pizza, dressed in a cauliflower cream sauce, cooked zucchini, grilled red onions, Kalamata olives and capers, Queso Fresco cheese (soy), fried rosemary and olive oil. 👅

I paired it with vegan red wine, @sandbankswinery Baco Noir VQA (Ontario – full-bodied red) 🍷
A new favourite, recommended by @lagunalana 💜

Swipe right for details around on ordering online from @pizzeria.du and the wine 💃 ➡️

I would highly recommend ordering from them 🤗 – my favourite out of all of the options to date is still the Florence pizza, as I’m just a sucker for the flavours that come from its ingredients (i.e. pesto, two kinds of mushrooms, ricotta, truffle oil, and more). 📝

Let me know if you give Pizzeria Du a try!! You won’t be disappointed.🥳

❗️VEGAN FACT #45❗️: Contrary to what we’re told by massive meat and dairy corporations, protein is actually not all that great for you in large amounts. A very low-protein, high-carb diet has been consistently proven to delay brain aging and increase life longevity. Following a plant-based diet, you get a sustainable amount of protein each day just naturally from the food items, and of course without all of the drugs and diseases that factory-farm animals get prior to slaughter.

So, eat your planty pizza!!

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