The Innovative And Delicious Creations Served Up By All-vega

the innovative and delicious creations served up by all vega multip img db
the innovative and delicious creations served up by all vega multip img db

The innovative and delicious creations served up by all-vegan @secretpizzapdx continue to amaze and delight us. You don’t have to be vegan to enjoy this crave-worthy food, but once you’ve had some, you’ll see that being vegan is not about deprivation. Such a win for you, the other animals, and our ?! Gluten-free options are available.  

@secretpizzapdx is open for takeout and delivery every day, 1 – 9 PM Sun – Thurs, and 1 – 10 PM Fri – Sat. 

This is what we enjoyed recently: 

SE7EN – named for its 7 crave-worthy ingredients that go so well together: po’fredo (a delicious blend of potato, fresh basil, coconut cream, and other spices), roasted meaty mushrooms and garlic, luscious and rich almond ricotta, fresh spinach, ?-based parmesan, and a fantastic crust that has a satisfyingly chewy crumb and crispy edges, with a light sprinkle of salt. Interestingly, “seven for a secret never to be told” is a line in an old nursery rhyme, but with regards to this pizza and everything that @secretpizzapdx creates, we think they are all secrets that must be told!  

Epic Taco Salad – blue corn chips, roasted Anaheim peppers, corn, @papagsorganics Taco Tofu crumbles, tomatoes, chipotle crème, and romaine. Both hearty and refreshing, this has a wonderful mix of flavors and textures with a satisfying amount of ?. 

For more ideas on dining out in Portland, Oregon and beyond, here are some resources: *Link to website in bio*

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