Self-love Pancake Pizza ? Inspired By @cafeh_girls As A R

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Self-love pancake pizza ? inspired by @cafeh_girls as a reminder to take care of yourself ?
I cleared my ‘to do’ list today make some tasty food and hang out in the park with my boyfriend and dog before heading to work.
Incorporating rest and recovery is important so our grind is efficient and effective ?? Ingredients:
Serves 3 ?1 flax egg (1 TBSP flaxseed, 3 TBSP water) ?1/2 cup oat milk ?1/2 mashed banana ?1/2 cup gluten free flour ?1/4 cup protein powder ?3 tsp baking powder ?1 tsp baking soda ?1/4 cup stevia and monk fruit natural sweetener ?1/2 tsp vanilla and cinnamon
1. Make the flax egg and leave to sit for a few minutes before mashing the banana into it. Add the oat milk.
2. In a seperate bowl mix dry ingredients together. Mix the wet ingredients with the dry ingredients.
3. Pour mixture into a pizza pan and place in 160 degree pre-heated oven for 20 minutes.
4. Top with your fave topping and enjoy! – I topped it with strawberry nicecream, blueberries, crumbled biscoff biscuits, dark chocolate chips, coconut and peanut butter and cashew caramel sauce ?

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