Sausage & Pepper Penne. This Was My Hubbys Favorite Meal At

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Sausage & Pepper Penne. This was my hubby’s favorite meal at @bostonpizzacanada . Tonight he is eating the gluten free, vegan version, for a FRACTION of the price! (Except sadly I have to do the prep 😭 AND the kitchen clean up lol)
@pastificiofelicetti_can organic penne, bought on clearance for $1.50
Jar of @catellipasta organic sauce, on clearance for $3, 1/2 a pkg organic sliced mushrooms $1.50, 1/2 an organic pepper $1, organic onion and garlic cost pennies really.
1/2 pkg @bigmountainfoods
Mama Mia sausages (on sale at @goodnessme_naturalfoodmarket right now ) $3.50
Total cost of the entire meal comes in about $11. Less than ONE entree at a restaurant, and this fed three of us, with enough leftovers for probably 2 or 3 people 🥰. So cost per serving is about $2.20. and most of the ingredients are organic, which you aren’t going to get at a restaurant 😊