Hi, Lovelies…Happy Hump Day!?

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Hi, lovelies…Happy Hump Day!?
Did I tell you how much I LOOOVE this vegan grain & flax Lavash flatbread from @atoriasfamilybakery yet?!?
It is delicious, so versatile, and macro friendly!????
Today I baked some flatbread pizzas for my kiddos, spread the Lavash bread with home made pizza sauce, and topped it off with @daiyafoods shreds / red onion / organic baby bella mushrooms / organic red pepper / black olives / @yvesveggiecuisine veggie pepperoni (which are SO #veganlicious, and perfectly spiced).
Baked them until the cheese melted, and sprinkled them with some chopped organic basil leaves and a lil’ bit of #pixiedust (#vegancheese: nutritional yeast) before serving!??????
My secret is to bake the bread for a few minutes until it got a lil’ crunchy, then assemble the the pizza with all the ingredients and bake until the cheese is melted.?
I had a #veganwrap, made with Lavash bread / organic baby spinach / sliced tomato / sliced cucumber / slice radish / tvp, seasoned with organic garlic, onion, curry, papikra, cumin, garam maska, coconut aminos / sliced avo / black pepper!??
Stay well, smile, and be happy!

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