Hi Friends!! I Thought I Would Formally Introduce Myself On

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hi friends!! i thought i would formally introduce myself on here!! hi i’m lindsey! after fully recovering from an eating disorder, i decided to start this page + food blog to promote body positivity, and share some of my recipes!! i’m a people-loving introvert who enjoys painting, running + the outdoors! i plan to run D1 next year and study dietetics so that in the future i can become a dietitian & help others heal their relationship with food. though most of my recipes are vegan, i’m not fully vegan! personally, it’s a little bit too restricting, but i’m supportive of those who are & those are some of my favorite types of foods! i love pizza, (especially margherita!) sweet potatoes, tacos, oatmeal, & chocolate! my favorite ingredients to cook with are: garlic, beans, oats & flour!! (not together haha😆) so that’s just a little bit about me!! 🤍🤍🤍