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aka the EASIEST ever pizza. EVER…. what’s that? you don’t believe me? i mean fair enough, i barely believe it myself! but it WORKS. it WORKS. i mean it’s no franco manca BUT imo it’s way better than any supermarket pizza – plus you can top it with whatever you like (and lets be real, supermarket pizza never has the right topping ratio or good vegan cheese). enough rambling? i’ve persuaded you? okay, here goes;
✨ 75g (wholemeal) self raising flour
✨ 75g alpro plain unsweetened yogurt*
✨ preheat a non stick frying pan in your oven preheated at 250°C
✨ mix the ingredients (*but maybe don’t add all the yogurt at once, i had to use a bit more flour to make it into a dough)
✨ knead 4-5 mins on floured surface until it forms a not so sticky dough – adding in more flour if needed and keeping the surface well floured
✨ form a ball then roll out into thin pizza shape
✨ remove the pan from the oven onto your hob and turn on stove, then quickly place the pizza dough in the middle of your pan
✨ cook until it bubbles up and is crispy on the bottom
✨ add toppings
✨ bake for 5 mins in your preheated oven (or longer if your cheeze hasn’t melted)
πŸ• my toppings πŸ•
✨ tomato basil sauce
✨ vegan mozzarella (my fav is @left_coast_culture )
✨ sweetcorn
✨ bbq chickn (@squeakybeanveg )
+ smashed avocado (for dipping crusts)
+ bbq sauce (for dipping crusts)
ps: i adapted this recipe from my non vegan friend and it worked so well! when making the dough i thought it was wayyyy too wet and almost gave up, but added some more flour and kneaded it and it worked so well! she recommends spreading oil/butter onto the crusts but i didn’t bother and it still worked b e a u t ! xx
pps: i’m hosting a mini giveaway in my stories today! just answer the question bubble in my story telling me something you’ve learnt these past few months! πŸ₯° {ppps: it involves choc}