I Started The Original 3:6:9 On June 5. I Finished It 9 Days

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I started the original 3:6:9 on June 5. I finished it 9 days later, but decided to keep some things going that I had already been doing, like the lemon water, celery juice and smoothies (though I have the heavy metal detox smoothie daily. ) .
I also decided to stay fat free. .
I was curious how that would play out and what it would feel like in my body. .
I have to say that it has not been a challenge in ways I thought it would be. .
I am not hungrier, I don’t miss the oil or nuts or seeds or avocados. .
But I HAVE had crazy strong cravings for things I have not had in a long time. .
Processed food , french fries (the kind you buy from the store ), hamburgers (I mean, seriously. The last time I had a hamburger when when I was pregnant with my son, who is 31 now. I have not eaten red meat since I was 16. I am 54). .
Usually, when I have gotten cravings in the past, I would try to make an “equivalent of ” whatever I am craving by using ingredients I can have . .
This time. I didn’t.
It has been ok. After I fill myself up on greens either steamed or raw or both(like in this bowl there are steamed kale and zucchini on one side and the other is a fresh raw salad). .
Steamed potatoes have been good too. I add them to the salad bowl. .
In #cleansetoheal @medicalmedium says that you may crave the things that you are cleansing from. .
This healing process is one layer after another.
I don’t know how long I will stay radical fat free. I am playing it by ear. I figure it is easier to stay off and see what happens vs going back to eating it then deciding to take it out for a while. .
I have so many questions about healing that keep coming up. Some people seem like they are “done” after a few months. All healed. Some after a year. Some , like me, are taking a longer time to work through the layers. There is not one right answer. .
I do keep wanting to know what I am expecting of myself . What do I expect to feel like when I am all healed ? What will my life be like ? (Freedom is the one thing I think of. I will be free to do anything I want !
How about you, Do you have questions that come up ?
Write them below. we can all help with answers

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