Superfood Green Smoody ?? 超級食物綠色果昔缽

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superfood green smoody multip img 0 e4cc1351

Superfood Green Smoody ?? 超級食物綠色果昔缽

Literally my daily staple smoothie.
The staple ingredients are spirulina, barley grass, ginger, collagen, chia seed, flaxseed, maca.
With a mix of almond milk and coconut milk. I really like the two milks together which gives another hearty flavor.
Today I also add matcha and sesame ?

Depends on the mood each day, well, listen to your heart they say, I usually add..

? Spinach or kale — my favorite way to get my veggies in
? Cucumber or celery — detox (I would not add any seed)
? Banana — if I’m craving some sweetness. This recipe also pairs well with a wide variety of other fruits. ??‍?

? 菠菜或羽衣甘藍 — 我喜歡這樣喝我的青菜
? 小黃瓜或芹菜 — 想要排毒的時候 (但我就不會加籽類)
? 香蕉 — 如果我想要加點甜甜的味道

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