🍦 Okay, But What Exactly Is Nice Cream⁣⁣

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🍦 Okay, But What Exactly Is Nice Cream?⁣⁣
🍌 Banana-based ice cream may be the original nice cream, but the term has come to represent any fruit-based, vegan, dairy-free treat free from artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, and added sugar. ⁣⁣
🍨 A banana is added to ensure a creamy texture, but the other fruits are the stars of the show.⁣⁣
🍌 So, first you have to peel, chop and freeze those bananas overnight. ⁣⁣
Next, blend your chopped and frozen bananas with other ingredients for a minute or two.⁣⁣
⁣⁣ THAT’S IT. You’ve got your creamy, yummy and guilt-free nice cream. Use your favourite toppings and enjoy! <3 ⁣⁣
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✅ 3-4 bananas, very ripe⁣⁣
✅ 3 tsp of cocoa powder (if chocolate) ⁣⁣
✅ 1/2 tsp of agave or a bit of vanilla extract (again, it’s up to you)⁣⁣
✅ 1/4 cup of water or almond/soy/coconut milk.⁣⁣