キウイ寒天 Kiwi Kanten (agar Agar Jelly)🥝 (vegan🌱

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キウイ寒天 Kiwi Kanten (agar agar jelly)🥝 (vegan🌱)

Our absolute family favourite – my grandma makes it, my mum makes it, and now I make it😊 In Japan kiwi season is actually from winter to spring so having kiwi in mid summer is kinda against eating with season🙄 but summer needs a good chilled sweet and this is one of the absolute best!! We just love the look of black seeds dotting through jelly❤️ Here is how we make it👇

– 3~4 kiwifruits, peeled (room temperature)
– 2tsp (4g) agar agar powder
– 300ml water
(optional: sweetener as required)

1. Grate 3~4 kiwi to make roughly 250ml purée. I use a ceramic (radish) grater or star blade grater but any fine blade grater should work!
2. Mix water and agar agar powder in a small pot (non-stick one for easier clean up!) and heat it over medium heat while stirring, once it comes to a boil keep boiling and stirring it for another 1-2 minutes, reducing the heat if it boils too much.
3. Remove from the heat (optional step: add sweetener and mix it to dissolve) and add kiwi purée and mix well. (Tip!- agar agar starts to set around 40℃ so make sure your kiwi is at a room temperature; when you add cold liquid to the agar agar mixture it doesn’t mix well!)
4. Pour the mixture into a mould/container and refrigerate several hours or overnight to set.

キウイ 3~4個 (室温のものを使います)
寒天パウダー 2包(4g)
水 300ml

1. キウイの皮をむき、おろしてピューレにする。3~4個分、だいたい250mlを用意する。
2. 寒天と水を鍋に入れ中火にかけ、かき混ぜながら煮溶かす。沸騰したら1-2分吹きこぼれないように火を加減しながら沸騰を続ける。(ノンスティックのお鍋を使うと後で洗い物が楽です!)
3. 火からおろし(お好みで砂糖/甘味料を加え溶かしたら)ピューレを加えてよく混ぜる。(寒天は40℃程で固まり始めるので、冷たいものを入れると混ざりません。なのでキウイは冷えたものではなく、室温のものを使っています。)
4. お好みの型に流し込み、冷蔵庫で冷やし固める。

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