Its July 1st! DONE My 30 Day Raw Vegan Challenge. For The Re

its july 1st done my 30 day raw vegan challenge for the re display image  69612e8b
its july 1st done my 30 day raw vegan challenge for the re display image 69612e8b

It’s July 1st! DONE my 30 day raw vegan challenge. For the record this time was SO MUCH harder. As most of you know I blew my veganism with my pregnancy and was full-blown carnivore up until the week before the month of June. I had killer cravings for meat and junk food for the first 3 weeks, lots of wanting to give up. But instead of doing that I just allowed myself some things that I didn’t last time. (See below).

Things that I ate that were not raw and ‘cheats’! Kelp and konjac noodles…widely eaten across the raw community, still healthy and limited ingredients. On a few trips to the park for a picnic we got take out, I still stuck with salads but some of the added veggies were cooked, but if I didn’t add them the salad would not be worth the money! I had tofu once as well because it was heading towards expiry in the fridge and no one else was going to eat it! also mentioned in some of my previous posts I cooked my mushrooms. Because ew?I will say that I was more lenient with myself this time. I still ate 100% vegan and 90-95% raw. I allowed myself any ‘condiment’ type foods (olives, pickles, hot peppers, sundried tomatoes), I still drank coffee (black), and I drank alcohol (zero sugar drinks)? Last time I switched coffee out for herbal tea and only drank the odd glass of low sugar red wine. Not this time…you know…cause of sanity?

As far as physical changes go I felt like my energy was better. Skin and nails were great, Nails grew especially fast and felt thicker too. I can’t say I noticed a difference with my hair. Last time I did because I had a buzz cut, but harder to tell this time. I did lose weight, but I don’t think that posting numbers about weight loss is always a positive thing. You can message me if you have questions?

Moving forward I am going to continue to eat plant based/vegan and incorporate as much raw fruits and veggies as I can, while minimizing sugar and oils. Cause veggies, fruits and nuts HAVE those in them naturally already? definitely through this round I realized life is about balance though… and I won’t put myself above eating a bag of vegan chips or other treats when the mood strikes? Any questions let me know!❤

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