Hi, I’ve Been Wanting To Start A Health Page For A Long Ti

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Hi, I’ve been wanting to start a health page for a long time.
Before I did so, i decided to put my head down and research properly for a few years about alkaline foods, natural cures for the human body, the foods earth actually provided for us, exotic fruits, herbs, vegetables etc and the benefits. studied everything dr sebi had to offer and many other people with great knowledge. So today whilst I’m sat at work on a night shift. I decided to act on it as all my life I’ve been a big fan of natural cures, earths beautiful ingredients that we was provided with and truths that have been kept away from us.
I am now 35, my father died last year from multi organ failure, kidney stones, diabetic, stroke etc
Which I believe came from a bad diet. I believe death is written, so I can’t argue with it but I believe living a healthy life is better than living a lethargic, depressing, angry lifestyle whilst taking all the medications they make you believe are the cure! I’m also trying to change my life for the better and my families life. As me and my father shared a lot of similarities and diet. I have two daughters and a son and I want them to be healthy and fit.
So please join me on this journey as I uncover the real beauty of life and its gifts we was provided with that are slowly being taken away from us.

Peace and love to everybody
Let’s Gooooooooo

Cure yourself 😉
Cleans yourself 😉
Stay fit 😉
Stay beautiful 😉
Stay healthy 😉