First Time Families Can Get This Course Totally FREE! Spaces

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First time families can get this course totally FREE! Spaces are limited! Currently only 20 spots available. Limited time offer. Click the link in my bio to sign up for this deal.

Join the plant-based kids extravaganza where we will learn all about plant foods.

Students will enjoy a highly interactive, live class about plant foods. They will learn all about the amazing things that eating plants does for their body.

Students will get the opportunity to talk about their favorite fruits, vegetables, grains, and legumes and draw them or write their names on our virtual white board. The teacher will share cool facts about these favorite fruits and veggies with the students.

Students will discuss some of the plant foods that they don’t like that much and get to learn some cool ways that some of the foods that they don’t like can be prepared.

Students will participate in a fun activity where they will learn strange and interesting facts about plant foods!

I want to help make your child just a little more enthusiastic about eating plants by the end of class!

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