Eat Vibrantly, Live Vibrantly! ?

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eat vibrantly live vibrantly display image d240537c

Eat vibrantly, live vibrantly! ?
Growing up, I always loved juice and fruits? but I neverrrrr liked veggies.
In fact, I was a very picky eater and never even ate a salad until I was in 11th grade of high school—when I drenched the salad in Cesar salad dressing to make it edible ?. Now, although I would choose a vegan cedar salad dressing, what remains the same is my total love ❤️ of a good salad ? dressing!
Next week, Tuesday June 30th, my mom and I are hosting the 4th and final class “Sensational Salads & Oil-Free Salad Dressings” in our @vegannewsdaily Dinner Club series Sweet & Savory Summer.
We can’t wait to show our Dinner Club members how to make 10 big beautiful salads and oil-free dressings.
Pictured here is our Mango Curry Dressing! Fat free & salt-free but packed full of flavor.
My mom @thespeedyvegan and I have had so much fun working together and it’s been wonderful to see how much all our Dinner Club members are learning in each class!
Today, I enjoyed delicious ? pineapple ? juice, clementines, sugar kiss ? melon ?, orange ? juice, grapes ?, apple ? cider followed by this beautiful, bountiful dinner ?! Salad Bowl ingredients: mini cucumbers ?, chives, scallions & heirloom tomatoes ?. On the side, I had a big head of butter lettuce ? and the Mango Curry Dressing. ?
I love ? you all and remember to Give Joy a Chance!

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