Chocolate Smoothie Bowl!

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Chocolate Smoothie Bowl!
Sometimes it’s good to mix chocolate cravings with some healthy fruits. Not a fan of smoothie bowls? Try this and I am sure you’ll change your mind. Because it tastes so good!
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Frozen Banana-1 and a half
Coconut milk- 1/2 cup
Cocoa powder- 2 tsp
Hazelnut chocolate spread-1 tbsp
Chocolate syrup-2 tsp
Roasted almonds-1 tbsp
Grated dark chocolate-1 tbsp
Sweetener- as per your preference, you could completely avoid it too.

1) Add frozen bananas( leave a few slices for topping), chikoo, coconut milk, hazelnut paste, cocoa powder and sweetener to a blender and blend it into smooth paste.
2) Serve it in a bowl and add sliced bananas, grated chocolate and roasted almonds as toppings.
3) Serve chilled.

Tip: The smoothie will be thick and creamy if fruits are frozen and other ingredients are cold when you add them to the blender.