🍎Youre The Apple Of My Eyes 👀

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🍎You’re the Apple of my eyes 👀
❤️Apple & Osmanthus Peach Resin Dessert Soup🌼

Sweet Chinese-style dessert soup (tong sui) made with peach resin, snow fungus, red dates, red apple, osmamthus flowers and sweetened with rock sugar is often served as light dessert at the end of the meal or you can drink it anytime.

Once peach resin cooked, it’s jelly-like stuff texture, soft and tasteless. Their mouth-feel can comparable to bird’s nest. It’s so refreshing and yummy. 😋

Soak peach resin overnight for the best result. Change water in between and remove the hard black bits from the peach resin (those are barks).

Soak 1 large dried snow fungus (about 40 grams) in clean warm water until soften. The time really depends on how big the snow fungus is. Once it is soft, trim off the tough yellowish part at the bottom of the snow fungus with kitchen shears and cut into smaller pieces. They are ready to be used now.

Yields: 6
2 heap tbsp peach gum
35-40g white fungus
12-15 red dates, deseeded, rinsed and soaked 5 mins
2 large red apples, cut into sections & core
Sugar cane rock sugar to taste
1 tbsp dried osmanthus
2-2.5 litres of water

1. Add in white fungus and red dates in boiling water, simmer on medium low for 30 mins.
2. Add in peach gum, apples and rock sugar. Continue to simmer for another 30 mins.
3. Add in osmanthus and boil briefly. Turn off heat. Serve it warm or chilled. I preferred to drink it chilled. 🧊🥵

🔸Peach resin expands 8 to 10 times in volume after soaking, so remember not to soak too much. 1 heap tablespoo/chinese soup spoon is enough for 2-3 servings.

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