? (vegan) WHAT I EAT IN A DAY ? (when Things Go WRonG

vegan what i eat in a day  when things go wrong display image  b34123ce
vegan what i eat in a day when things go wrong display image b34123ce

? (vegan) WHAT I EAT IN A DAY ? (when things go wRonG *lol*)
so welcome to my second full day of eating main feed post 😉 [i have a few of these saved in my highlights if you’re interested!] and well this day was slightly different as what i planned to have for lunch and dinner (i always plan ahead so that i have the ingredients for everything and don’t waste any food) didn’t exactly go to plan so luckily i had some other foods in the freezer/cupboard to have instead? so not my typical what i eat in a day, but was still lush!
(my FAV meal of all time)
✨ blueberry, peach, grape, banana & lime nice cream with granola, granola butter, whipped cream, blueberries, a cocktail cherry & also a persimmon on the side! (persimmon not pictured)
(flop # 1 – i was supposed to have crepes but safe to say recipe developing doesn’t always turn out to plan lol, unless you want stodgy uncooked flour that is…)
✨ lentil cakes (the actual best)
✨ smashed avocado (w/ some lime)
✨ marmite
✨ EBTB seasoning
✨ cauliflower pretzels (i also snacked on more of these when i was cooking [and more later on in the day] and there’s more buried under the salad)
✨ rocket salad mix
✨ broccoli
✨ smoked tofoo
✨ mango chutney
✨ TJ umami seasoning
(flop # 2 – but thank god for frozen food! i ended up going on a longer walk than expected followed by a longer car journey home than expected and it was already quite late so i didn’t have the time i had planned to cook! but these hot dogs hit the spot?)
✨ avocado brioche hot dog buns
✨ vegan hot dog sausages
✨ ketchup (literally obligatory)
✨ cheddar cheese sauce (@left_coast_culture)
✨ sweetcorn
✨ carrot sticks
(there is always room for dessert for me! i have such a sweet tooth, no day ends without a dessert plate/bowl imo)
✨ caramel dessert pot
✨ vegan chocolate hazelnut protein bar (@barebells.uk )
✨ blueberry jam
✨ apple (apple dipped in jam is next level)
✨ blueberries
on a side note!!! pls don’t compare exact portions etc to mine, what i eat changes every day and i don’t count cals / track my food, i just eat what my body wants as and when i’m hungry!

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