The Best Cheesecake You Will Ever Try!✨

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the best cheesecake you will ever try multip img 0 73b47336

The best cheesecake you will ever try!✨

I make this cheesecake all the time for my family and friends (all of which who are non vegan) and they absolutely loveeeeee it! I can honestly say, it’s the best cheesecake I have EVER had and a lot of them say the same.?


Ingredients for the base:
?250g of Biscoff Biscuits (1 pack)
?50g of Ginger biscuits
?120g of butter (I use flora)

Ingredients for the filling:
?700g of Violife vegan cream cheese (you can use a different soft cheese but it will not taste the same, I have tried it with other soft cheeses and the flavour is never as good)
?120g of crunchy Biscoff spread (you can use normal if you can’t find the crunchy, I just find that the crunch one gives it something extra)
50g of light brown caster sugar

✅ Crush all the biscuits together using a rolling pin and sand which bag.
✅ Once melted, mix the crumbled biscuits with the melted flora and tip into An 8″ Round Tin flattening to form your cheesecake base.
Place in the fridge for 20 minutes.

✅ Whisk together all the remaining ingredients to form the cheesecake filling. Taste and add more Biscoff spread as disired. I recommend using roughly 120g as anymore it may be too sickly.
✅ Remove cheesecake from fridge (after the 20 minutes) and cover the base with the filling.
✅ Set in the freezer for 30 mins – 1 hr.
✅ Decorate and serve!

Recipe inspired and adapted from:

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