🛑Stop Scrolling And Save This Post If You Enjoy Eating De

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🛑Stop scrolling and save this post if you enjoy eating dessert for breakfast and you’ll see how easy it is to make this delicious, smooth, high protein mousse at home🤤

Thanks to @nutyourbusinezz, this recipe uses clean, natural, plant based ingredients with healthy fats from avocado, chia and flax and the added tofu and protein powder will leave you completely satisfied all the way through to lunch.

Here’s how…


To the blender⏭:⁠
1 ripe avocado ⁠
Half a block of soft tofu ⁠
1 tbsp of cocoa powder ⁠
1 tbsp of @meltsid almost dark chocolate spread (sub for melted dark chocolate)⁠
1 scoop of @pranaon dark chocolate Phyto Fire Protein powder
1 tbsp of chia seeds⁠
1 tbsp of flax seeds⁠
A dash of soy milk (or to desired consistency)⁠

Bananas, golden kiwi, homemade raspberry jam, mango, almond slices, cacao nibs, hemp seeds and pistachios ⁠


Tag someone you think would love this or someone that would make it for you 😋

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