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Had the pleasure of eating here on Purezza’s opening night on Gloucester road in Bristol last night. A new vegan restaurant which has had such good reviews in its Camden and Brighton chains i needed to check it out!
Thanks to @headbangerharry for organising 😙

All i can say is WOW. Honestly it was up there with the best pizza I’ve ever had🤩 I was so impressed not only with the food but the atmosphere and the service too, very friendly and helpful. The best thing was the sourdough i don’t know how they do it but its soo light and fluffy and just tastes divine. You can tell all the ingredients are so fresh and the cheese was so good you cannot tell its vegan at all. 100% go check it out if you haven’t already!

💥The first pizza is a margarita with shaved Seitan pieces
💥The second pizza is ‘the one with the friarelli’
💥Third is a margarita with seitan salami (this was mine and omg 🤤
💥The dessert is a salted caramel brownie with vanilla ice cream which my friend had and i had a cheeky spoonful and it was delicious 😍
💥 And then an espresso martini which was also so good.

You also get unlimited free dips like what more could you want tbh. The basil mayo was insane and by far my favourite but they also do sriracha mayo and garlic mayo😋

10/10 for meee 🤩🤩