Lemon & Blackberry Cheesecake ??

lemon & blackberry cheesecake multip img faf
lemon & blackberry cheesecake multip img faf

Lemon & Blackberry Cheesecake ??

making the most of blackberry season ? such a simple no-bake dessert that turned out delicious! only problemo was that our base was very crumbly (more bashing/butter needed??) but here’s the recipe anyways:

▪️ 15 asda digestive biscuits
▪️ 7 tbsp melted butter
crush the biscuits up and combine with butter, press into your tin with the back of a spoon and set in the fridge

▪️ 400g cream cheese – @violife_foods
▪️ 180ml cream – @elmlea_ukie plant based
▪️ zest of 1 lemon
▪️ 100g caster sugar
▪️ 3 tbsp soya milk
Beat all ingredients together with a wooden spoon, apart from the cream. In a separate bowl whisk the cream up and then fold it in! The lemon is subtle but gorg ?❣️

▪️ half a large punnet of blackberries, these were apparently grown by Ralph xo
▪️ 1 tbsp ish maple syrup
Gently simmer blackberries with maple syrup until the juices are released. Spoon out the cheesecake mixture onto biscuit base. Add on the blackberries. SWIRL. Set in fridge overnight ??‍??

Many thanks to my lovely housemate who basically did all the work as my arm is fractured – I took the pics and ate it lol xx

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