French ?? Version In The Comments ?

French ?? version in the comments ?
NEVER THROW YOUR AQUAFABA AWAY EVER AGAIN. Last night dessert was sooo yummy, light and easy to make?. It’s a dark chocolate mousse topped with berries ? ?. It featured only 4 ingredients and took approximatively 15 minutes to make. Here’s the how to:

Ingredients (for two foodies):
-75ml aquafaba (chickpea water, I used the rest of a can)
-15g powdered sugar
-90g dark chocolate (I used 70%)
-(Frozen) berries of your choice

Beat the aquafaba and powdered sugar together until it holds stiff peaks (like egg white). It took me approximatively 10 minutes with a hand mixer on medium then high speed. Set aside.

Melt 75g of the dark chocolate in a double boiler. Chop the other 15g in tiny pieces.

Let the chocolate cool a little bit (it should be warm, not hot) then mix it with the aquafaba using a spatula – be as delicate as you can. Add the chopped chocolate as well.
Transfer the chocolate mousse into serving dishes (I used simple glasses), and let the mousse set up in the fridge. After 45 minutes, you can top them with frozen berries?. Store in the fridge until you’re ready to serve them.
My next aquafaba adventure will feature chocolate macarons. Have you ever experimented with aquafaba?

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