Dumpling Wrapper Bun? Filled With Yummy Zucchini?! By

dumpling wrapper bun filled with yummy zucchini by display image bc

Dumpling wrapper bun? filled with yummy zucchini?! by @woon.heng

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I love zucchini, it can be used in dessert and savory food, such a versatile ingredient. If you have some leftover vegetables, it’s great to use them as filling to make these easy and yummy snacks. This hack is my favorite because you can roll out the wrapper thinly and fill it with more ingredients – yay!??⁣⁣
Full recipe and instructions with video on my blog: https://woonheng.com/best-dumpling-wrapper-bun/⁣⁣
or Google ‘woonheng dumpling bun’⁣⁣
Cooking notes:⁣⁣
– I stacked the dumpling wrapper in about 3-4 and roll it out thin. It was hard for me to roll it one by one. Most dumpling wrappers have cornstarch in between layers, so it was easy for me to peel them off⁣⁣
– Feel free to use any vegetables you liked, just make sure it’s not too wet or it will break the wrapper easily.⁣⁣
– I used my homemade garlic chile sauce (recipe and video on my blog too) to serve these with⁣⁣
I hope you give this recipe a try. Have a great start to your week. Best, WoonHeng 韵馨?⁣⁣⁣

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