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I somehow only very recently discovered that you can make desserts with tofu??? Why did nobody tell me???

Once I found out I decided to look up some recipes and I read this one by @madeleineolivia for chocolate mousse. It calls for 350g of silken tofu, 100g of chocolate (I used Bourneville, as usual), 2 tbsp of cacao powder, 2 tbsp of maple/golden syrup, 1 tsp of vanilla extract and some sea salt. Then all you have to do is melt the chocolate and blend with the rest of the ingredients! The perfect recipe if, like me, you can’t bake desserts to save your life 😅

When I was in Wing Yip the other day looking for silken tofu I stumbled across dessert tofu. It seems like the only difference is that the dessert tofu is even softer and has less of a soy content than silken. I figured that would work out better since it has it in the name but as you can tell, I clearly don’t know as much about tofu as I thought.

In the end I noticed that mine turned out more like those chocolate Alpro yoghurt-style desserts rather than a thicker bubbly mousse. I assume that’s down to the tofu I used but I’m not too sure. Regardless, they were so delicious and I’m definitely going to make these again 🤤