Celebrate The Season With A Mouthwatering, #Vegan Summer Ber

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Celebrate the season with a mouthwatering, #Vegan Summer Berry Trifle. 🍓 🍰 ⁣

This vibrant dessert takes little time to prepare and uses only 4 ingredients. Thank you, @plantbasedmomma for the wonderful recipe. ⁣

Ingredients: ⁣
➀ 2 boxes of @simplydelishnatural Instant Vanilla Pudding ⁣
➁ 1 loaf Abe’s Pound Cake, Original Flavor (can substitute with any vegan cake recipe)⁣
➂ 2 containers So Delicious Coco Whip, mildly thawed⁣
➃ Fresh berries of choice – This recipe used strawberries and blueberries⁣

Directions: ⁣
➀ Make Instant Vanilla Pudding according to box instructions. ⁣

➁ Cut Abe’s Pound Cake into 1 inch cubes and layer on the bottom of the dish. ⁣

➂ Spread pudding evenly with a spoon, over bread cubes.⁣

➃ Spoon a layer of coco whip over pudding and layer fruit. Continue to spoon 2-3 more layers, depending on the size of your dish.⁣

➄ Finish with berries on top and serve immediately, or cover and refrigerate. ⁣

➅ Serve and enjoy! ⁣

❤️ #SimplyDelish