📰 Article: Blck Cocoa Bakes’ Bre’Anna Johnston Whips

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📰 Article: Blck Cocoa Bakes’ Bre’Anna Johnston Whips up Creative, Vegan Desserts⁠

If Bre’Anna Johnston — pictured here — asks what you love about a cake, chances are she wants to know about everything but the cake. As a self-proclaimed “food nerd,” the 26-year-old baker studies a person’s relationship with dessert — its aroma, its texture, the ambiance of the room you’re eating it in. All of these factors, she says, play important roles in our food memories. Johnston gathers this information to help develop recipes for plant-based desserts intended to conjure nostalgic memories of some of our fondest dessert experiences.⁠

Out of Proud Mitten Shared Kitchen (@proudmittensharedkitchen) based in Plymouth, Johnston operates Blck Cocoa Bakes (@blckcocoabakes), a high-demand bakery that delivers vegan desserts to customers in the Detroit area.⁠

Johnston elevates such classics as a German Chocolate Cake, with a sunflower-safflower oil blend, coconut milk, and organic apple cider vinegar as alternatives to dairy products. Fresh strawberry sauce spills over a creamy Strawberry Cheezecake made with cashew-based cheese and organic coconut milk, and her crispy-chewy Signature Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies are made with rice flours, potato starch, and tapioca flour; sweetened with organic maple syrup; and dotted with hunks of dark chocolate chips.⁠

What’s more is that not only is Johnston reimagining childhood and special-occasion sweet treats with plant-based ingredients, she’s sourcing ethically while she’s at it. ⁠

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