A Lot Of Planning Usually Goes Into The Perfect Christmas Di

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A lot of planning usually goes into the perfect Christmas dinner, but what about Christmas Eve? For this week’s Friday Five, I have selected 5 recipes that come together to make the perfectly chic, French-inspired Christmas Eve dinner! Visit for all 5 recipes! 🎄⁠⠀
🌿 Fines Herbes French Omelette⁠⠀
One of my favorite dishes to make is a classic French omelette. In fact, it has become my house meal, what I always serve to guests the first time they visit my home. My Fines Herbes French Omelette lets the fresh herbs shine while tucked inside a beautifully folded simple French omelette. Click the link in my bio to buy my latest cookbook, French Omelettes–Your New House Meal! ⁠⠀
🍞 Parmesan & Arugula Tartine ⁠⠀
There are few dishes more iconically French than the tartine. Think of a tartine as the chic, Parisian older sister of the open-faced sandwich. Simple and easy to make, tartines are a delicious combination of a few really good ingredients. My Parmesan & Arugula Tartine starts with a good crusty country bread that can be found in any bakery or grocery store.⁠⠀
🍆 Provençal Tian⁠⠀
My Provençal Vegetable Tian is the perfect combination of fresh herbs, garlic and hearty, gorgeous vegetables bursting with color! A quintessentially French country dish, vegetable tians are always beautifully constructed.⁠⠀
🍷 Warm Winter Glühwein ⁠⠀
Glühwein is based on either red or white wine (I like to use a Cotes du Rhone or Chardonnay) and is infused with dried spices, honey, and orange peel. It is served warm, typically with a shot of liqueur like amaretto, brandy, or dark rum. It makes the house smell so wonderful while heating up on the stove! ⁠⠀
🧀 Assiette de Fromage⁠⠀
A cheese plate is a must when entertaining French-style! Cheese is presented in smaller amounts and seen as something to nibble on as you and your guests bridge the time between the main course and the dessert. And sometimes cheese even takes the place of dessert! ⁠⠀