Why Are So Many Vegans And Non Vegans Deficient The Culprit

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Why are so many vegans and non vegans deficient? The culprit? Bacterial imbalances in the gut. The real pandemic is H.Pylori and general gut dysbiosis. Gut dysbiosis is when we are not feeding our immune boosting, mood boosting friendly bacteria but we are feeding our greedy, harmful bacteria through poor diet choices and lack of raw fiber.
With literally most of the population of the modern world effected in varying degrees, studies revealed. Parasitic bacteria burrowed in the lining of our stomach. Commonly passed around. Causing symptoms such as gas/bloating, acid reflux, fat/protein deficiencies, blood sugar imbalances, thin facial skin, dry skin, chicken skin, difficulty concentrating, difficulty losing weight, inflammation, irregular bowl movements and fatigue.
There are many bad bacterias that take over our G.I tract in different areas but when we take care of H.pylori we start to take care of the rest. This is because H.pylori neutralize our stomach acid by releasing ammonia, which enables them to live in a neutral environment. Once our stomach acid is strengthened we will kill negative bacteria as it comes through the G.I tract.
They are stubborn though, so if you suspect you have it you must be committed to getting rid and getting healthy.
Natural remedies include; chewing mastic gum, garlic, ginger, onion, brocolli sprouts, oil of oregano and healthy sources of acidic foods such as citrus. All in raw form.
I have gotten really into making my own raw living yoghurts to keep my gut healthy.
I recommend making your own yoghurts using raw, unpasteurized ingredients. Friendly bacteria don’t want to eat heat processed foods as they are denatured and not a source of nourishment. Shop bought yoghurts are a scam. As soon as they are pastuerized, the bacteria cultures die. If they didn’t, they would continue to breed and sweat and produce gas as they eliminate which would cause a build up of carbon dioxide and eventually the lids would all be popping off, especially with how long conventional yoghurt stays on the shelf.
Eat fresh, unprocessed foods.
In raw yoghurt the fats, proteins and carbs are predigested for you so it is so nourishing! Recipe in comments ✌

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