Vegan Pad Thai ?

vegan pad thai display image  a3b9e1c5
vegan pad thai display image a3b9e1c5

Vegan Pad Thai ?

OMG !! That recipe was so ?
I will definitely add this one to the favorite meals list ?

Fried tofu :
▪️extra firm tofu▪️corn starch▪️chicken seasoning▪️salt pepper▪️aroma free coconut oil▪️

▪️2 tbsp tamari▪️2 tbsp sesame oil▪️2 tbsp mushrooms soy sauce▪️1 tbsp brown miso▪️3 hot water tbsp▪️2 tbsp tamarind paste▪️2 tbsp sriracha sauce▪️2 tbsp black bean chili paste▪️2 tbsp coconut sugar

Others :
▪️150g rice noodles ▪️roasted chopped peanuts ( topping) ▪️chopped shallots X2▪️chopped garlic gloves x3 ▪️minced spring onions ( topping) ▪️sliced dried chili pepper X1▪️150g beans sprout

? cut the tofu in cubes and cover him with the starch corn , make it fried in the coconut oil until the cubes become gold , set aside
? leave 5 min in hot water the rice noodles ( they will become soft and white ) set aside
? in a bowl mix all the sauce ingredients together , set aside
? in a wok pan, heat in some sesame oil ( 5 tbsp ) the shallot, garlic and dried chili during 3/4 min then add the coconut sugar and stir well until it become caramelized
?add the sauce then the soft noodles , add some water ( 3/4 tbsp ) and leave the noodles finish to cook in the sauce , stir well
?add the tofu and the beans sprout , let it cook for 2 min and serve it hot ?
Ps : add the chopped spring onions and peanuts on the top ??

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