Vegan Menu Inspiration #1

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Vegan Menu Inspiration #1

Jamur Goreng Renyah // Crispy Fried Oyster Mushroom

Some of you might be surprised, but this is one of popular snacks in Indonesia — or at least I first encountered this one as snacks sold by ‘mang-mang’ when I was in elementary school. They would come in smaller pieces, sprinkled with various flavouring (full of msg) powders lol

Then came the time when my grandma made this at home, but we made it as one of the side dishes for our dinner. As a fan of mushroom, i find this particular mushroom’s texture interesting — just like meat! No wonder it often used as one of vegan meat ingredients. I am not a vegan myself but I would love to eat this everyday if I were one hehe

Go try to fry them in tempura batter, or in my case fried chicken style batter! Keep it in its actual big size and fry them with medium to high heat — keep it crispy outside but still soft on the inside to preserve its actual texture. Bombbb ✨✨ You can also stir-fry them (like pulled chicken) with oyster sauce aaaand thank me later!

3rd slide: our vegan lunch with the fried shrooms and capcay (stir-fry veggies with beancurd sheets) completed with nothing else but sambal xixi

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