Tonight’s Dinner Was Obviously My Favourite Kinda Foods A

tonights dinner was obviously my favourite kinda foods a multip img fc
tonights dinner was obviously my favourite kinda foods a multip img fc

Tonight’s dinner was obviously my favourite kinda foods a simple beautiful risotto!! ? it looks a little plain but it was packed full of flavour and delicious.
List of ingredients and a slight recipe. Total calories was 697!!! ?

? 20g of @flora light
? 5ml of truffle oil
? 80g onions
? 100g mushrooms
? 70g broccoli
? 30g vg cheese @aldiuk @aldiveganuk
? 80g peas
? 300g of uncooked risotto rice
? 1 packet of one pan chicken risotto seasoning
? 1 tea spoon of garlic
? pinch of salt & pepper
? 1 @oxo no chicken stock
? 800mls of water

Melt butter in a hot pan, add the risotto rice to cover then add the truffle oil.
Once all mixed add your garlic and start to add your stock little by little and continuously stir, add half of the seasoning and whilst that’s cooking after 7-10 minutes you can start to add your ingredients (you can choose anything) but I opted for the following ingredients. I added the onions and continued to add the stock, after 15-20 minutes I added peas then mushrooms then add in the remaining seasoning packet, if needed continue to add your stock until rice is cooked through.
I added 20g cheese to thicken and left 10g aside for adding at the end.
Salt and pepper to taste and then serve, I added my broccoli on top instead of in the risotto as I wanted to feel like I was eating healthy ?
100% the best risotto and I have added a picture to show the seasoning packet is vegan and it’s THE BEST!!! Highly recommend, I did use this for a creamy pasta not so long ago also and it was insane – it’s defiantly an essential for your vegan cupboards! If you have any questions just ask..

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