Tofu Nuggets And Tater Tots For A Hump Day Hangover Brunch B

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tofu nuggets and tater tots for a hump day hangover brunch because I am 23 years old and one gin and tonic will knock me on my ass for 48 hours.

slice a block of firm tofu lengthwise to make two thin rectangles and press the water out by wrapping it in a clean dish towel and placing a heavy pot or pan on top. You might need to change the towel once, or twice if you use paper towels.

For breading I used a mixture of chickpea flour, cornstarch, black pepper, onion and garlic powder (not granules), and microwaved a tiny bowl of soymilk until it was warm enough to dissolve chicken bouillon paste (you could just use salt and any plain plant milk) and mix everything together with a touch of oil (i used avocado) until it has a texture that is slightly thinner than cake batter. I can barely keep my eyes open baby I’m not doing a multi-step breading process.

Heat up a shallow layer of oil in a little pot or crank up the air fryer, cut your 2 pressed tofu rectangles into 9 pieces, three cuts horizontally and 3 cuts vertically (reference my picture or just trust your nugget noggin)

Dip them into your batter with a fork and let it drip off a bit before placing it in the oil. I am new to frying and burned the first six so trust your gut and check them frequently.

Fun fact– you can make barbecue sauce by mixing ketchup with a heavy pour of smoked paprika, onion and garlic powder, black pepper, and a dash of liquid smoke if you have it laying around.

The tots are @cascadianfarm spud puppies from costco. Ingredients were just potatoes, soybean oil, salt, apple juice concentrate and ascorbic acid.

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