This Dish And I Have History. It Took Me Years Before I Was

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This dish and I have history. It took me years before I was brave enough to cook it for myself as opposed to swinging by the local popeye’s chicken and grabbing a large side of this. So imagine my disappointment when I moved back up here from ATL to discover that I was no longer right around the corner from a popeye’s and in fact my city didn’t feature too many friend chicken joints period! I had to pull out the big girl pots and start making them from scratch my ex was Tuscaloosa born and bred so I had to do this as well as a Bama chick with seasoning skills of a New Orleans granmere! Whew Chile! The pressure! But I figured it out and after plenty of research and several attempts to find the perfect piece of smoked hocks/ salt back I perfected the Tuesday night red beans and rice meal and would make it monthly for my ex then for my boys. So to finally leave my meat eating habits behind, i just knew this dish would remain in the “old me” files until I decided to give the 4 cans of red beans I had in my pantry a proper dressing and whipped up this vegan version that gave me all the nostalgia of its pork-laden predecessor but all of the healthier ingredients of my new vegan/ plant based lifestyle -that acv and Knorr’s veggie bouillon with some nutritional yeast? Honey! that’s the new trinity!

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