The First Meal After The Asian Supermarket Is Always So Much

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The first meal after the asian supermarket is always so much fun…

I had a blast throwing together a bunch of ingredients, some of which I’ve never used before like vegetarian chicken blobs (not the technical name but it comes in the shape of a blob) and thai basil chili paste. I added some ong choy aka water spinach and some fresh rice noodles too!

Of course, I could not resist adding some other new finds from the market including some fried shallots, and bamboo shoots.

The vegetarian chicken was really good! It is soy-based, and basically tasted like an extra firm spongey tofu. It didn’t have any flavor on its own but pan frying in oil with some artificial chicken flavor broth powder did the trick to crisp up the “skin” and give it lots of umami flavor.

The Thai basil chili paste didn’t have that much flavor; just a decent amount of heat and some fragrance and saltiness when biting into the actual leaves of the basil from the paste. Overall it was delicious and so much fun! You can watch the process in my stories to see how it all came together!


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