The ‘DOUGHBOY’ – A Vegan Oreo Donut Filled With Raspberr

the doughboy a vegan oreo donut filled with raspberr multip img de

The ‘DOUGHBOY’ – a vegan oreo donut filled with raspberry jam and topped with whipped cream – at @bigdillofficial was honestly FANTASTIC! Despite all the non-vegan donuts I’ve had in the past, this donut – made ethically – was definitely the best donut I’ve ever had 🤤❤️

The chocolate peanut butter ‘THICCSHAKE’ topped with whipped cream was so thick, creamy with the perfect level of sweetness 🤩 Any stigma associated with vegan desserts/milkshakes was abolished at Big Dill, we all LOVED them and definitely could not tell it was all dairy-free!

Also enjoyed the side: ‘KFP’ – fried ‘chicken’ tenders served with siracha mayo ❤️ The ‘chicken’ made with REAL ingredients had great texture, made with mushroom – a low calorie source of protein, fibre & antioxidants!

Truly grateful to Big Dill for such an authentic diner experience, a haven for vegans and non-vegans alike! 🤍

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