Sausage Pasta ? C63 P41 F11 Kcal 550✨

sausage pasta c p f kcal multip img ed
sausage pasta c p f kcal multip img ed

Sausage Pasta ? C63 P41 F11 kcal 550✨
For those days when you’re short on time or just reallllly can’t be bothered ? so tasty but so basic. Macros are for this recipe split into 4 serves.

– 1 bag of @vettapasta protein pasta
– 1 pack of vegan sausages (I used @lindamccartneyfoods naturally)
– 200g frozen peas
– 1 head of broccoli
– 2 chicken stock cubes
– 1tbsp olive oil
– salt, pepper and chilli flakes to taste
– vegan parmesan (i used about 5g on each plate of @greenvie_dairyfree from – seems like nothing but it’s actually heaps because it weighs almost nothing ?)

1. Cook the sausages according to packet instructions.
2. Boil the kettle. Pop the pasta in a big pot along with the two chicken stock cubes and cover to just above the pasta with boiling water. Bring pot to the boil and then lower ever so slightly. Stir frequently for around 20 mins.
3. Boil peas and broccoli in a separate pan for 5-10 mins depending on how you prefer your veggies.
4. Once sausages are cooked, carefully chop into chunks.
5. Most of the water should have gone from the pasta after 20 mins, if not, pour a tiny bit out. You still want a tiny bit of pasta water to mix with the olive oil. Pasta should be damp, not dry.
6. Add in the green veggies and the chopped sausages and the tbsp of olive oil. Stir to combine. Add salt, pepper and chilli flakes according to taste.
7. Split between bowls and top with a sprinkling of Parmesan. ?

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